Gambling (17 or under)

1 in 4 Leeds secondary pupils have taken part in gambling. Many of us ‘gamble’ without realising, because it is part of a social activity or (online) game. The definition of gambling is “risking your money, or anything of value, on an uncertain outcome”. Most gambling activities are illegal for under 18s.

If you feel that your gambling, or someone else’s, is having a negative impact on your mental/physical health, school work, finances or relationships, then it is important to talk about it with someone you trust or seek help.

GamCare’s Young People’s Service can support anyone aged 18 and under who is having issues with gambling. The service is free, flexible and confidential.

Useful links

Big Deal

Information for young people related to gambling – either for themselves or someone they care about.

Go to Big Deal

Staying safe on line

Information on online safety from Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership

Go to LSCP

National Gambling Helpline

Information or brief advice for anyone affected by gambling problems.

Open 24/7

Chat function and focus also available.

Find out more Call 08088020133

Young People's Support Service

Individual tailored support, 1-1 counselling for young people via video call

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